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So you finally got your planner and now you're probably thinking "NOW WHAT?". When it comes to running a business there are certain items that are like a total must-have. Of course you wouldn't need all of these items so soon but, as time progress I definitely think the items listed are a great investment. My business is growing little by little so I try to invest in the best of the best. One of my biggest investments for my business was my MAC BOOK pro.. I have always been a "WINDOWS" type of a girl and never in my life owned a mac (although I have been on one). 

So it didn't' t take me long to pick the perfect MACBOOK that I felt would be beneficial to not only myself but my business so I decided to purchase the MAC PRO Retina 15inch for $2,000.00 and 2k was the discount price (lol). If you're a student then the apple store will knock off a couple of hundreds from your total purchase. Now I wouldn't say you need to spend 2grand on a laptop but for me -- being a content creator, fashion designer, photographer, and student I felt that the MACBOOK was perfect, My next investment was the HP Envy 5100 printer. I took hours of research, reviews, and testing out products at the store for my final decision. So on blackfriday I decided to purchase a printer that I thought was perfect.. and guess what? The printer only cost me $40 !!! It's an all in one printer (print, scan, copy, and more) and can connect to more than 4 devices wirelessly (which I think is perfect for a small business). Its been a couple of months since I got the printer and so far I love it... Another thing I love about the printer is that the company have it where you can set up your printer to notify them if you are low on ink. They have different rates you can choose from monthly .. I decided to go with the FREE package so every month when i am low on ink I get free refills right at my door step. So lets talk about the business planner... as time progress it will eventually get full with all your client work and personal projects you have the option to either transfer certain items to a filing folder or get a new binder for it. So for example when I have a client project and its complete I like to keep all my paperwork and I transfer it to my filing folder and that's one of the ways I keep track of all orders. Last but not least the IKEA DESK for $89 !!!  I run a home-based business so I needed a desk that could fit in one of my rooms but not take up too much space so I had found the perfect desk at IKEA for an awesome price and not only that but I feel like I am more productive doing work at a desk VS being in my bed (I have my lazy moments lol). To find info on ALL of my MUST-HAVES you can view my AMAZON STORE here.


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