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Hooded Dashiki

Limited Edition

(As Dashiki hand made with wax fabric from Nigeria by Nigerian Designer Brittany Ngozi Dke. This is

our limited edition Dashiki. Please note that all Dashikis are not cut on the same grain of fabric and print placements may be different upon each order. Make sure to know your size upon check out. Our size go according to the US sizing chart, You will be receiving an email shortly for your size after purchasing your custom dashiki . ,

*NOTE*  only our BURGUNDY colored DASHIKIS are available. WHEAT COLOR sold out.

(As pictured below)









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Please note that our dashikis are made to order.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping & handling. 

Thank You for shopping with us!


New Color option coming soon. 



Hooded Africa Tee

(limited edition)

Made with 100% cotton. This is

our limited edition Hooded Africa Tee. Come in sizes S, M, L, XL.

Once payment has been made

you will recieve an email for size for your custom Hooded Africa



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Hooded Dashiki Scarf


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