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Ever wondered how content creator and some businesses organize content for their brand? Well, you have landed on the right page. Every month I work with my clients 1 on 1 on helping them build content. The content you make can be for your youtube channel, website, or any other social media platform. The most important part of producing content is to stay organize and post consistently. Below I give you all a list of 3 apps/programs you can use to organize your content.


Trello is a great app to use to organize content for not only yourself but your team. You can create new task for your board, add members for certain task, add a checklist, and so much more. In a way this kind of remind me of Pinterest you can add information for all photos you upload on your board. What I also love about Trello is that theres an app for it so I was able to download the app on my apple phone and keep up with all my task. Visit


Asana is a great content calendar to use for any individual or business. Project manage with Asana makes it easy to track productivity for team management. By using asana you can post all task with photos and other attachments and set a deadline for you or your team.


3. Numbers or Excel

If you decide not to go with any of the apps mentioned above then you have the option to create your own Task Manager on Numbers or Excel program. This is great to use if you are a content creator or a business.. by creating your own task manager you can choose which social media platform you want to post on and also upload photos/links and other information that would be needed for you to complete your task. Use this spread as a way to keep track of all content throughout the week.

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