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On this page you will learn how to take the most professional images with your camera. If you're looking to learn how to take photos of your model with natural light or even studio lights then you have landed on the right page. If you want to learn how to take amazing product photos for your merchandise then make sure to subscribe to our website newsletter to keep up to date on all of our new released tutorials.

For the images above a Nikon D3000 was used. You can get a NIKON D3000 kit for $250 on my Amazon store here. This camera is awesome and have amazing quality. A muslin backdrop was used for the background of the images while the models were outdoors using the sun as the only natural light source. You can purchase the Muslin backdrop kit + case for only $64 on our Amazon store here. As far as the lens, a basic lens kit was used which comes with the camera.




The images above were taken with a CANON 7D (can be purchased here). A couple of the images were done in the studio and the others were done in home with 1 light source which was a soft box which can be purchased here. I love my soft box its great for photography and videos. We were limited in space when shooting the indoor shoot with a soft box so we were only able to use 1 softbox. I definitely suggest using a 3 point lightening system which means that you would have a light in front of the subject and 1 light on each side which is great for eliminating shadows on the subject. Overall, you can get great images on a budget using these techniques.


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