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So I have spent days researching on business credit cards until I found the perfect one that I think is great for small businesses or any business for that matter... separating your finances from personal to business is so important... There are also so much more perks using a business credit card vs a personal credit card. So here I created a list of a few of the business credit cards that you can look into whether you have not so great credit or excellent credit.. I also chose my top cards that I think was perfect for me ! You may have to do some browsing around to see what works for you. 


My Top Pick !

So for my top business credit card I had to go with Chase Ink! After browsing for countless hours I felt that this card was perfect for me plus my credit is excellent so I'm able to get a really great interest rate for this card. Another thing I loved about this card is that you can earn a great amount of cash back after spending a certain amount when you first get your card, no annual fee, additional employee credit cards, great for traveling, plus more ! Its also a list of other awesome perks ! You can check them out here .


So What Card Should You Get?

If you're worried about not being able to get approved for a business credit card just know that there are tons of options out there no matter .. credit worthiness is important.. the better your personal credit the better your options so you can qualify for some awesome cards... Here's a list of some of the business cards that are available.. who knew that staples had a business credit card? Find out more here.

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