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Congratulations on being selected to be a MODERATOR for SewN2Fashion sewing group.  Please read additional details below which will help you moderate the group in the most efficient way. 


1. Check for Spam accounts 

Every day we get members requesting to be in the group. Lately, we have been having a lot of SPAM / BOT accounts trying to be added to the group. We have made a questionnaire for new members so we can filter out the spam account. Something to look for is how these accounts answer questions. If they can't get the 1st question right then don't approve or deny their request just let the account sit in the request section and I (Brittany Dke) will handle the bot/spam accounts.

Example of SPAM Account   They usually only answer "Yes" or "OK" for the 1st question. The thing is the question ask members Why they want to join the group and to check all that apply. The question on our group page only allows you to check mark boxes NOT type in an answer so that's how you can spot a SPAM account or BOT.







3. Respect Members.

As a moderator, whether you personally like individual group members, agree or disagree with statements that they contribute to the group is irrelevant. All group members should be offered the same opportunity to share and contribute to the group activity without feeling devalued. If a group member shares incorrect information or violates a group guideline or standard, as a moderator you need to address the situation respectfully. This may include directing the group member to the community guidelines for review or politely requesting they edit their post.

4. Engage Members.

For new community groups, moderators may want to take a more active role to develop engagement among members. Moderators may seed conversations by asking questions, posting polls, sharing experiences or pictures as relevant. NO PERSONAL PROMOTION. That includes posting other groups, personal websites or selling. 

5. Don't Delete Posts or Comments.

Posts and comments should not be deleted or removed unless they are expressly going against community guidelines and the member posting had been reminded of community standards. For example, if a group member posts inaccurate information, negative comments, or attacks another group member, first rely on other community members to engage, provide correct information, or admonish the offender. Community members as a whole can influence the tone of a social media community group more so than a moderator.

6. Don't Remove Members (without good reason).

Removal of a group member should be done only after serious consideration and attempting to correct the offending individual's actions through reminders about community standards and warnings. For example, the group guidelines may specify the number of infractions that will be tolerated and warnings that will be communicated prior to a member being removed.

An engaging and informative community social media group can be a valuable asset to both individual community members and the community as a whole. The role of the group moderator is to ensure that members are able to post and share information and express their opinions while contributing to and building deeper community bonds.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 12.50.36

Example of REAL Account

Although we would prefer that all members answer all questions sometimes they don't and that's totally fine. We don't deny requests unless we truly have to which is rare and if it's a BOT... for the most part APPROVE all members except for SPAM ACCOUNTS.

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