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My Tips for Healthy Hair (open)

  1. Face wrinkles/lines in the morning aren't fun, nor attractive and the older we get the less collagen we have, so our skin isn't as elastic as it once was, therefore it doesn't snap back as quickly.You can even CAUSE permanent wrinkling of your skin, aging yourself unnecessarily. The satin allows your face to "slide around" on the pillow and therefore will not cause sleep lines, or at the least, very little sleep lines.

  2. Sleep on satin pillowcases, especially if you have dry or curly hair. Regular cotton fabrics create friction, which ruffles the cuticle and makes hair frizzy. In Style Magazine’s book Getting Gorgeous. 2004. Satin causes less friction and static as the hair moves against the pillow, which means less damage and breakage-especially for people who already have weak or damaged hair.

  3. Doctor Recommended: Satin pillowcases have proven worthy enough of consideration that some medical experts recommend them to their patients being treated for cancer and hepatitis C, people who often spend extended periods of time in bed as they recover. This time in bed can cause frictional Alopecia, which is the abnormal loss of the hair root and hair shaft caused by the head rubbing against the abrasive properties of cotton. The website Thinning Hair Secrets says that satin helps avoid hair loss that occurs due to friction or a shearing effect and Natural Cancer Supplements says that hair slides across the pillow rather than rubbing. The same "sliding" effect is why we wake up with less nocturnal creases after sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

  4. You should strongly consider getting yourself a satin pillowcase if you have curly hair, fragile hair, Your hair has suffered from a lot of styling, or your hair is dry.


Silk or Satin?For those of you who don’t like sleeping on anything synthetic, silk can be a good alternative to satin because silk and satin pillowcases are both undoubtedly better than cotton ones. Some people prefer silk over satin, mostly because it is a natural fiber, however, satin still has some advantages – it is generally cheaper, easier to care for and also more durable.Don’t torture yourself by spending several days online researching for advice if you can’t decide between silk and satin. Trying both types of pillows for a few days and then making a decision would probably be a good option if you can borrow them from someone.

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