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#LifeSizeChallenge GIVEAWAY

Yes, it's here!!! Join in on the #LifeSizeChallenge. Here are the rules to participate: 1) Must create a garment for your doll & yourself [matching outfits] 2) Must hashtag #LifeSizeChallenge on your video or photo (you can post on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc), 3) Also submit your content to: for a 2nd entry. 4) Must submit content by October 30th. Winners will be chosen & announced on October 31st.

Here are the prizes that will be given to chosen winners:

1st place winner -- Brand New sewing machine & Tools + Materials

2nd place winner -- Sewing Books (Digital) + Gift Card

3rd place winner -- Gift Card

NOTE: Make the best look you can and don't forget to use hashtag #LifeSizeChallenge and also email us at for a 2nd entry into the contest. The 2nd entry can increase your chances of us seeing your work. Good Luck!!



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