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Making A LIFE-SIZE Barbie Dress | #LifeSizeChallenge

A few years ago I made a dress inspired by the "LIFE-SIZE" movie but I never put the video up on YouTube. Recently I made another garment inspired by the Disney movie and decided to upload to my YouTube Channel. I had fun creating the garment and filming the process -- The hardest part was trying to capture my own images and videos since it wasn't super easy to move around with the tulle at the bottom of the dress. I had pieces I didn't want to ruin such as the delicate butterflies that I added to the tulle. The butterflies ended up falling off as I was trying to capture the moment so I worked with what I had. I think I'll be wearing this dress for HALLOWEEN since we are a few weeks away from that day. What do you all think of the final look of my dress? Leave comments under the YouTube video.


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