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Bodysuit Sewing Pattern (Simplicity S8513)

Anyone that know me personally knows that I am a pattern hoarder. Trust me, it's bad (lol). I have tons of patterns I have NEVER opened and can't seem to resist the sales at JOANNS for $1.99 (most patterns are usually $18+). I try to keep my patterns as neat and organized as possible but I still have a lot that I haven't used yet. Recently, I decided to put to use the Simplicity bodysuit pattern and since spring is finally here I thought my tie dye fabric would be the perfect look. The fabric is from Michael Levines and has a nice stretch to it which was perfect for this pattern. I followed the simple instructions for the pattern and I am honestly pleased with the outcome. I believe the only thing I did different were the snaps for the crotch area but other then that the garment turned out how I envisioned it. Also what I loved about this pattern is that it has a total of 5 looks. If you wanted to you could create a total of 5-6 looks of different style bodysuits and have a whole collection that you can either style up or down. So if you are looking for an easy and quick project to sew for spring/summer definitely go with the Simplicity Pattern 8513. Make sure to catch JOANNS or HOBBY LOBBY when they have their patterns on sale. I was lucky enough to get this pattern for only .99 cent before they increased the sale price on commercial patterns. This pattern is very beginner friendly but if you want to take your sewing skills up a notch then make sure to check out our tutorials here on the website to advance your sewing skills click here.

MODEL: Kayla (Instagram: @txnytxt)

PHOTO: Brittany (Instagram: @BritxBrat2) .

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