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Nipsey Hussle murals to visit in Los Angeles county

Nipsey Hussle's death struck a cord with people. Whether you were a fan, peer, parent or Los Angeles native, people felt a certain connection with the 33 year old rapper from South Central. The outpouring amount of support has been displayed in art across Southern California. Nipsey Hussle’s influence in Los Angeles will continue beyond the tragic ending of his life.

There are over 50+ Nipsey Hussle street art displayed In different areas of los angeles. One of the first murals of Nipsey that I stopped by is located in Long Beach, CA [near LongBeach blvd. & 67th before Artesia]. This artwork of Nipsey was done by the amazing artist @Enkone (instagram). This isn't @Enkone only artwork of Nipsey he also did another one by burger joint FATBURGER a location in which Nipsey owned.

I am a big fan of ART and came across several locations that I plan to visit soon! One of them is a location that a friend of mines stopped by on Melrose. I came across @iamrealmusic (instagram) and saw his photo posted next to Nipsey. The location where his photo was taken is on Melrose and Fairfax.

Make sure that if you post photos next to any Nipsey Hussle murals that you show love by giving credit or tagging the artist that took their time to make those amazing work of art. Each art piece has the artist name tagged next to it. You can find other locations of Nipsey murals by a quick google search or by using instagram hashtag #NipseyMurals.


[located near Crenshaw & Slauson by the MARATHON STORE]

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