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DIY Bucket Hat + Pattern Included

YES !! I am so excited about this bucket hat pattern ! I tested out the print and fit to make sure the pattern came out right for those that would like to print at home. Just make sure that when you print out this pattern that you scale it to 100%.

So lets talk about fashion inspirations ! I am so inspired by fashion in the early 90's and early 2000's.. bucket hats were definitely a thing ! I came across some old photos online from the early 2000's and was definitely inspired by some of the looks. (I even created a fashion moodboard). The next morning I was at JOANNs standing in this huge line just to get some fabric (dedicated AF). I grabbed what I could and whatever caught my eye went into the basket (this pandemic is no joke!). The first bucket hat was made with this cotton candy print that I got at JOANNS months ago ... I happen to use that print for mask back then but came across the same fabric again at JOANNS so I decided to make a bucket hat with it. The second time I made the bucket hat I decided to use this denim patch fabric because honestly, I haven't seen a bucket hat out there like it (although I'm sure someone probably made one similar). The third hat I decided to test out this black cotton fabric I had and add some heat transfer to it. Heat transfer paper on fabric is a great way to add any image you desire onto fabric or your garments. At this point it's all about getting creative. How creative can you get with your bucket hat? Make sure to tag us on instagram @FashionLyfeOffical and use hashtag #FashionLyfe. Also check out my moodboard down below. These are some of the looks I was inspired by during the process of me creating my bucket hat. I have so many bucket hats I plan to make for spring and summer <3.


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