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Adding Spinach to my diet to lower Blood Pressure

Who knew all the benefits of SPINACH? Earlier this year I was diagnosed with hypertension. It all started one day as a regular check-up at the doc office and before I knew it I was being rushed to the ER and was told I couldn’t leave until my blood pressure was down. I remember my BP being 179/90+ which is terribly high. Shortly after that ER incident I was put on medication to regulate my high blood pressure. I was taking the pills regularly for months and as time progressed I found myself always feeling tired, sleeping a lot, and not able to get daily task done because I always felt like a zombie (some of the side effects of the BP medicine). My daily meals doesn't include a ton of sodium and my doctor said this was something that was definitely hereditary. High blood pressure actually run on my dad side of the fam. I suggested to my doctor "Maybe if I lose some weight it'll help!" .. She said losing weight wouldn't help and clearly it didn't lol.. because after losing over 10+ lbs my blood pressure was still high. So what I did is I started doing tons of research on foods that helps lowers high blood pressure and Spinach was definitely in the top 10. Instead of using romaine lettuce for salads I replaced it with spinach.

Spinach have so many benefits that helps our body. It's great for your eyesight, slows down cancerous cells, and also help decreases high blood pressure. Once I started increasing my intake on foods that contributes to helping with hypertension I was finally able to get off the high blood pressure medication. Such a relief to be off of the medication because now that I am back in school completing my undergraduate degree prior to medical school I need all the energy I can get lol.

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