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"Mahogany" my favorite Fashion related movie.. whats yours?

Besides the CoCo Chanel movie .. I love this 70's movie with Diana Ross called "Mahogany"... Mahogany is a 1975 American romantic drama film directed by Berry Gordy and produced by Motown Productions. Mahogany stars Diana Ross as Tracy Chambers, a poor African-American woman who rises to become a popular fashion designer in Rome. Tracy Chambers is a sassy industrious young woman living in the projects of Chicago who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She has worked her way up from salesgirl to secretary and assistant to the head buyer at a luxury department store. Her boyfriend Brian Walker, played by Billy Dee Williams, is running unsuccessfully for office in the district. When Brian insists Tracy give up her dreams for his, Tracy flees in the middle of the night for Rome, where she becomes a muse to a former client.

I use to watch it a lot as a kid and unfortunuately I have it on VHS and not DVD... Thank God for YouTube and the internet ...because I am able to watch it online .. **whoot whoot;** Whats your favorite fashion related movie? Lacy Collection would love to hear from you.. send your list of favorite fashion movies to

want to watch Mahogany on YouTube check it out here -->

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