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I don't want to be a Fashion Designer anymore!!

Have you ever felt that you worked so hard and yet things dont seem to be going your way? I know GOD has a plan for me but sometimes I 2nd guess myself and ask if being a designer is really for me

Perhaps I was sent on this earth to TEACH & INSPIRE...idk.. I definitely don't want to be a YouTube teacher (lol)... but I do enjoy making tutorials.

-- I have applied to PROJECT RUNWAY several times and still no call back? but than again I do always turn in my package late.. but they always email me last minute when auditions are happening... my last portfolio I sent them this photo of my gown ...I also took the pix as well.. :))

-- I've been stylist for celebrities such as Becky G, Ariel Miranda from "Pretty Little Liars", Blake Hightower from "Everybody Hates Chris", and much more..

-- Besides that I also worked with one of the top designers in the world... MICHAEL COSTELLO!!! If your not familar with him then get familiar.. He has designed gowns for Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian gal pals for her wedding, and much more...

....and I'm not FAMOUS because.......???????? lol

perhaps I shall take my fashion to another level...

or better yet just be PATIENT.. who knows what the future holds... only GOD knows..

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