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Charging for YouTube tutorials?

Yes! You guys you heard it right !.... in 2015 YouTube will make the option for youtube creators to charge for particular videos.. As of now you have the option of having paid subscription if you have 10,000+ subscribers... aid subscription on youtube is basically a channel for which users pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to watch its videos. As the channel owner, you define one or more offers that set the terms of a subscription. Only paying subscribers can view the channel content, except for specific videos you decide to make available to everyone for free. So basically your paying a MONTHLY fee to view all videos on that channel instead of paying for each video that they are charging for.. Basically like having NETFLIX when you pay $7.99 monthly... but with the new feature that will be on our channel we will be able to set the price for each particular videos..! anyways..... lol thanks you guys for supporting me! I dont make a living off YouTube like Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan, etc etc... So most likely I will be charging for particular tutorials.... I'm sure a lot of YouTube creators will start charging as well... the time put into the tutorials + edit & the cost for materials dont always add up.. but on another note Thanks again for your continues support..

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