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I was a speaker at Google's Fashion + Tech event

Last month I was asked to be a speaker at Google's Fashion + Tech event called Dress Code. I was super nervous !! Especially since it was a large crowd of 300+ with camera crews, press, and more !! But not only that I get bad anxiety and panic attacks when in front of large crowds. All I could do was pray that I wouldn't sweat off my makeup while speaking in front of the large crowd. I did come across an article written about me from THEROOT. In the article from TheRoot they stated "Dke said that she chose sewing to stand out on YouTube because there were not many channels featuring the craft. She did gown tutorials to start out, and it grew from there." ::SIDE NOTE:: I never chose sewing to stand out on YouTube. I've been into fashion since I was a baby lol. What I did to stand out on YouTube was create some of the first ever gown tutorials which brung a lot of traffic to my channel. At the time no one was uploading gown tutorials and no it seem like everyone is . . Overall I enjoyed my time at the event. I got to network with some amazing people and really push my brand out there to a larger audience. If you are interested in reading the full

article and would like to read about the other creators that was on the google panel with me then check out the link here .

There's also another article written about me from SoCal Mag click here to read. You can also peep out the video recap of the event watch it here.

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