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DIY Wrap Dress pattern

There are so many patterns nowadays that you can find that are the same look as trendy red carpet garments. A while ago I came across this wrap dress pattern from SIMPLICITY #8013 which was really close in style to Khloe Kardashian wrap dress that was made by celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello. How closely they resemble right? I have drafted out some wrap dresses but I haven't made any with the bishop sleeves or with silky fabric.. As you can see from Khloe's wrap dress she has a side slit and its a little more revealing around the bust area.. a little tweaking of the simplicity pattern can help you achieve this exact look or to your liking. I'm definitely going to test out this pattern and report back to you guys soon! <3

Also make sure if you decide to purchase the simplicity pattern that you wait for the awesome sales at JOANNS or HOBBY LOBBY... I was able to cop this pattern for only 0.99 cents.

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