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DERMA|E for Skin, Hair, and Nails

Sharing some of my favorite products this month by DERMA|E. I've been using DERMA|E for about 2 years now. I first discovered this brand when I attended my first ever beauty event (GENBEAUTY). I remember going to the beauty event and being so annoyed because I had a pimple on my face on the day I was trying to look flawless. DERMA|E had a booth and were giving out nice size samples and I remember using one of their products and the next day my pimple was gone. I had to go back for more ! and ever since then, I've been using their products on my skin, nails, and hair. One of my favorite products is their organic argan oil blend. I use it on my hair (mainly the roots) and on my nails for strength and shine and on my face before I go to sleep after washing my face. I also enjoy using their facial cleanser which I use every single day. Their 3-in-1 Hair Protection Serum is something new that I'm trying but I like it so far. You can order some of DERMA|E products on my AMAZON STORE. Visit my AMAZON STORE here:

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