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DO NOT BUY FABRIC FROM Bodikian-Textiles

I honestly have always been skeptical about buying fabric online .. For one, I'm the type of person that has to touch the fabric and test it out for quality before I buy it. When it comes to illusion mesh I usually get it in downtown LA but the store I usually go to in LA Fashion District has closed down and no longer sell online. So I turned to my sewing group on Facebook which has over 8,200+ members. I was seeking some illusion mesh and one of the group members suggested that I order from Bodikian Textiles on ETSY. Their illusion mesh was quite expensive compared to how much I usually pay but I was in need of the illusion mesh ASAP. So I ordered 2 yards and spent over $60.00+ on the order. When I finally got around to opening my package of the mesh it looked nothing like the photo (as pictured in this post). It wasn't sheer like the photo they showed on their website. I was highly disappointed. I reached out to the company to see how they could rectify the situation and they claim they didn't send me the mesh that I got. Like why would I lie? I needed this mesh for an upcoming video.. and now I gotta tell people that follow me not to shop there because it's a hit or miss. And remind you I have over 200,000+ followers across all my social media platforms and gain millions of video views every year ... BAD FOR THEIR BUSINESS....

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