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My Inspiration for my newest gown

So I finally finished up PROM SEASON and finished working on a gown that I started on in the middle of last year. I was inspired by Tyra Banks dress in the movie "LIFE SIZE". I remember watching the movie and thinking how cool it would be to make a gown with tulle at the bottom and make the bodice out of sequins. So recently, after finishing the dress, I tried it on and did a mini iphone photoshoot outdoors. I absolutely love the way the dress came out. Initially I started off with a zebra printed bodice and while shopping at JOANN I came across this beautiful reversible sequins that can go from BLACK to GOLD... The fabric was $29.99/yard and I got about 1 yard and used a 50% off coupon. I also spend less than $10 on the tulle. I plan to upload a tutorial soon on my YouTube channel to demonstrate how I sew on my tulle at the bottom of my gowns.

I plan to finish up a whole wardrobe for myself over the summer. I want to create some really creative statement pieces that will stand out. I also plan to be back in school around Fall or Spring so I am really going to be sewing my tail off, and dishing out tons of content, and selling new merchandise. Subscribe to my website newsletter to stay up to date <3

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